Animal Research

COGR Submits Joint Association Letter to OLAW on NOT-OD-21-161 RFI

Posted October 26, 2021

COGR Submits Comments to USDA in Response to Notice of Proposed Rulemaking - Handling of Animals; Contingency Plans

Posted August 6, 2021

COGR Submits Letter to USDA APHIS on Proposed Rule Regarding AWA Research Facility Registration, Updates, Reviews, and Reports

Posted November 13, 2020

COGR Submits Comments to NIH on NOT-OD-20-153 RFI Regarding Grant and Congruency Reviews

Posted October 30, 2020

COGR Submits Comments to NIH on NOT-OD-20-145 RFI Regarding Semiannual Inspections

Posted October 20, 2020

COGR Submits Comments to NIH in Response to NOT-OD-20-130 RFI on Enhancing Rigor, Transparency, and Translatability to Improve Biomedical Research Involving Animal Models

Posted August 19, 2020

COGR Comments on the Draft Federal Report Reducing Administrative Burden for Researchers: Animal Care and Use in Research

Posted February 20, 2019

COGR Survey Report on Institutional Administrative Requirements for Animal Research

Posted February 4, 2019

COGR Submission to DOT on NABR Complaint

Posted September 20, 2018

Joint Association Letter on Revisions to the Animal Welfare Act

Posted June 21, 2018

Joint Association Letter in Support of Amendment to Farm Bill

Posted May 15, 2018

COGR Comments on AAALAC's Proposed Revision to the definition of Lab Animal

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New Report Aims to Advance Regulatory Efficiency in Animal Research

Posted 10/24/17