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September 3:  Safeguarding Your Research Institution

August 18:  Foreign Influence and Research Security:  The Challenges Continue

August 26: Striking the Balance:  Maintaining Research Security in a Collaborative World (Discussion Session)

Science and Security in the News

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4/20/21:  College Foreign Cash at Risk as Senate Targets China’s Clout (Bloomberg) 

4/8/21:  U.S. adds Chinese supercomputing entities to economic blacklist (Reuters) 

4/7/21:  US Expanding Disclosure Requirements for Scientists (American Institute of Physics)

4/1/21:  China’s premier astronomy and planetary resources lure foreign collaborators (Science)

3/29/21:  Georgia Tech Professor Indicted for Visa Fraud (Inside Higher Ed) 

3/8/21:  Senate Passes Bill Targeting Confucius Institutes (Inside Higher Ed) 

3/5/21:  Dozens of leading scientists speak up for Harvard chemist Charles Lieber (Chemistry World) 

3/2/21:  China has already infiltrated America's institutions (The Hill, Opinion) 

2/26/21:  Clarity on the crackdown (Science, Editorial)

2/16/21:  What the Fear of China Is Doing to American Science (Nextgov) 

1/26/21:  A Scientist Is Arrested, and Academics Push Back (New York Times)

1/25/21:  DOJ Considers Amnesty for Foreign Funding Disclosures (Inside Higher Ed) 

1/15/21:  MIT Professor Arrested on Charges of Grant Fraud (Inside Higher Ed)

12/20/20:  U.S. lawmakers back $1.9 billion to replace telecom equipment from China's Huawei, ZTE – sources (Reuters) 

12/17/20:  Foreign Influence Threats Prompt Changes to NIH Conflict Rules (Bloomberg Law)


Updated May 2020: University Actions to Address Concerns about Security Threats and Undue Foreign Government Influence on Campus (APLU, AAU)

Archived Articles


COGR Papers and Comment Letters

4/5/21:     Chart Comparing Disclosure and Other Requirements/Recommendations Among JCORE, NSPM-33, NDAA 2021, NSF & NIH (including NIH NOT-OD-21-073)

2/22/21:    Principles for Evaluating Conflict of Commitment Concerns in Academic Research

2/10/21:    COGR Joins Multi Association Letter to OSTP Regarding NSPM-33 and JCORE Recommendations

12/14/20:  Multi-Association Letter to Department of Education on Section 117

11/20/20:  Joint Association Letter to DoD Regarding CMMC (DFARS Case 2019-D041)

11/5/20:  Joint Association Comment Letter Regarding Foundational Technologies ANPRM

9/22/20:  Current and Pending Support Table – National Science Foundation (NSF)

9/1/20:  COGR Joins Multi-Association Letter Expressing Concern about DOD and the CMMC Accreditation Body

3/11/20:   COGR Submits Follow Up Letter to Department of Education on Section 117 Reporting

1/27/20:  COGR's Response to JCORE RFI

1/14/20: COGR Releases Framework for Review of Individual Global Engagements in Academic Research

12/5/19: COGR Releases Commentary on Disclosing Other Support and Other Resources in Research Funded by NIH

11/4/19:  COGR Submits Comments to Dept. of Education on Section 117 Reporting

8/2/19:   COGR Submits Joint Association Response to NIST on Protecting Controlled Unclassified Information

7/12/19:  Joint Association Response Letter to Dept. of Education on Section 117 Reporting

5/30/19:  COGR, Other Associations and Universities Letter of Support for the Securing American Science and Technology Act


COGR Meeting Presentations & Reports

February 2021:     Disclosure of Outside Activities

                             Disclosure Policies and Recommended Practices for the Research Enterprise - OSTP

                             Institutional Experiences with CMMC

October 2020:    Changes to Institutional Research Disclosure Practices in the Era of Foreign Influence

                            Research Security and Intellectual Property Hot Topics

June 2020:         Update on Section 117 Reporting Requirements

                           Foreign Influence on Research:  Handling Cross-Cutting Issues  Part 1      Part 2

                           June Meeting Report (pp. 10-15)

February 2020:  Framework for Review of Individual Global Engagements in Academic Research

                            Department of Education Section 117 Reporting

                            Research Security and Intellectual Property Committee Report

                            February Meeting Report (pp. 3-5)

October 2019:   Science & Security: Varying Perspectives

                           The China Initiative

                           October Meeting Report (pp. 3-7)

June 2019:        Strengthening the U.S. Research Environment

                          Science, Security and Foreign Interference

                          Science & Security Effective Practices (APLU)

                          June Meeting Report (pp. 3-9)


COGR Updates

February 2021 Update

     HHS OIG Survey for Grantee Institutions on Actions Institutions are Taking to Address Foreign Influence (UPDATE)

     Results and Analysis from COGR Survey on Institutional Disclosure Practices (UPDATE)

     JCORE Recommendations Released (NEW)

     Other NDAA Provisions That Impact COGR Members (NEW)

     Conflict of Commitment Principles Project (UPDATE)

     GAO Releases Report on Foreign Influence (NEW)

     MITRE Releases Report on Improper Influence (NEW)

     DOE Revises Foreign National Screening Order (UDPATE)

     Section 117

October 2020 Meeting Report

     Department of Education Focus Continues on Foreign Gift and Contract Reporting (UPDATE) 

     Confusion Over Section 889 Statutory Prohibitions on Telecommunication Equipment (UPDATE)

     DOE Orders Continue to Raise Concerns (UPDATE)

     Interim DOD DFARS Cybersecurity Rule Poses Serious Challenges for Universities (UPDATE)

     Results and Analysis from COGR Survey on Institutional Disclosure Practices (UPDATE)

     HHS OIG Survey for NIH Grantee Institutions on Actions Institutions are Taking to Address Foreign Influence (NEW)

     Anticipated NIH Guidance on Commitment Transparency (NEW)

     Conflict of Commitment Principles Project (NEW)

September 2020 Update

     Section 117 Developments (UPDATE)

     Prohibitions on Telecommunication Equipment and Services Raise Concerns (UPDATE)

     DOE to Clarify Scope of Order 142.3A (UPDATE)

     Cybersecurity (CMMC) Developments (UPDATE)

     State Dept. Sends Letter to University Governing Boards (NEW)

     Commerce/BIS Issues ANPRM on Foundational Technologies (NEW)

     NIH Webpage Protecting U.S. Biomedical Intellectual Innovation (NEW)

     Interview with HHS OIG (NEW)

     COGR Survey on Institutional Disclosure Practices (UPDATE)

     Science and Security Legislative Update (UPDATE)

May 2020 Update

     Department of Education Issues Final Section 117 Reporting Requirements (UPDATE)

     Republican Congressmen Write to ED on 117, Citing Foreign Influence Concerns (NEW)

     Other China-Related Congressional Activities (NEW)

     Senators to Introduce “Safeguarding American Innovation” Act (NEW)

February 2020 Update

     COGR Releases Framework for Reviewing Global Engagements (NEW)

     Update on Disclosure of Other Resources for NIH and NSF Proposals (UPDATE)

     Revised DoEd Section 117 Reporting Requirements Withdrawn; New Requirements Issued UPDATE) 

     Follow Up to Senate Hearing on Chinese Threats to U.S. R&D and CIS Conference (NEW)

     Transportation of Research Materials (UPDATE)

December 2019 Update

     Section 117 Proposed Reporting Requirements - Update

     JASON Fundamental Research Security Report - NEW

September 2019 Update

    Foreign Influence and Research Security

    COGR Comments on NIST Enhanced Security Requirements for CUI - Update

    Additional Huawei Affiliates Added to Commerce “Entity List” - Update

May 2019 Update

     Foreign Influence


Other Resources


Fact Sheet on NSPM-33

NSPM-33 (Released January 2021)

Science and Security Resource Document (AAU, Updated)

Bridging Science and Security (AAAS) 

Science and Security Project Initiatives (APLU) (6/1/20)

NSF Jason Report "Protecting Research and Facilitating Collaboration" (12/11/19)

American Council on Education Submits Comment Letter to Dept. of Education on Section 117 Reporting (11/15/19)

Letter to the United States Research Community from White House OSTP Director Dr. Kelvin Droegemeier (9/16/19)

FAQs - Other Support and Foreign Components (NIH) (8/6/19)

NOT-OD-19-114 Reminders of NIH Policies on Other Support and on Policies Related to Financial Conflicts of Interest and Foreign Components (7/10/19)

Statement on National Security Oversight Opportunities and Policy Solutions (AAU) (6/4/19)

H.R. 3038 Securing American Science and Technology Act 2019 (5/30/19)

Actions Taken by Universities to Address Science and Security Concerns (AAU & APLU) (4/22/19)