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April 2, 2024

COGR Joins AIRI in Submitting Comments to OMB on the Treatment of Salaries and the Executive Level II Salary Limitation - read more...


September 29, 2023

Session Materials Available: Workshop on Compliance with Research Security Requirements and the Associated Cost of Compliance Survey - read more...


On September 27, 2023, COGR is hosted a virtual, interactive workshop to provide an opportunity for members to share information on institutional efforts to comply with research security requirements and how to assess associated costs and institutional burden.  The workshop was led by COGR directors and members of COGR’s four committees.

NSTC is expected to finalize its model disclosure forms and research security program standards this autumn, and upon their issuance, COGR will initiate Phase II of its research security cost survey.  This workshop provided a forum for institutions to discuss their compliance strategies, learn about the methodology of the Phase II survey, and consider the resources they will need to implement research security programs and additional disclosure requirements.  The workshop begins with an overview of current requirements and the Phase II survey, and then participants joined break-out rooms to discuss how their institutions are addressing certification mandates, training requirements, security program structures and associated costs and administrative burden. 

Institutions that participated in the Workshop will be highly encouraged to complete the Phase II Survey.  Phase II will be initiated later this autumn, and COGR will follow-up with workshop participants at the time to determine if they will participate.  

Questions and topics of interest may be sent in advance of the session to Kristin West at kwest@cogr.edu.

Workshop materials include:

Session recording (log in required)
Slide Presentation
Institutional Resources on Research Security (log in required)


August 10, 2023

2023 F&A Survey Reports -


March 14, 2023

COGR Responds to OMB's RFI: Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200) - read more...

COGR has posted its Letter to OMB, in response to OMB’s Request for Information (RFI) – Uniform Guidance. We expect OMB to review responses from all stakeholders and publish proposed revisions to the Uniform Guidance later in 2023. Contact Krystal Toups at ktoups@cogr.edu or David Kennedy at dkennedy@cogr.edu if you have comments or questions


March 10, 2023

COGR Posts DRAFT Response to OMB (Uniform Guidance) - read more...


February 21, 2023

COGR Requests a 30-Day Extension to Respond to OMB's RFI - read more...

COGR requested a 30-day extension to respond to OMB’s RFI regarding updates to 2 CFR Part 200, Uniform Guidance.


December 14, 2022

COGR Submits Letter to HHS on Timely Establishment of Indirect Cost and Fringe Benefit Rate Agreements - read more...

COGR submitted a letter to Mak Karim, the National Director for Cost Allocation Services at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. In the letter, COGR requests assistance to facilitate improvements in the speed of the review and approval process associated with indirect cost and fringe benefit rates.


June 30, 2022

COGR Submits Comments to OMB Regarding the 2022 Compliance Supplement - read more...


April 21, 2021

F&A Cost Rates and Reimbursement Pressures Under COVID-19: Maintaining a Fair and Reliable System - read more...

Posted April 21, 2021


May 8, 2019

F&A and the Cost of Research -


April 12, 2019

COGR Releases "Excellence in Research: The Funding Model, F&A Reimbursement, and Why the System Works" - read more...

Posted April 12, 2019

Additional F&A Resources


August 24, 2017

Discussion Points on Facilities and Administrative Costs and Regulatory Reform - read more...


August 24, 2017

Associations Oppose Cuts to NIH Budget -

COGR joined with over 100 other organizations Monday on a letter to Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney and Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price to oppose the proposed cuts to NIH funding and facilities and administrative (F&A) costs in the Administration's FY18 budget. 

Among other things, the letter states that "If the Administration’s proposal to reduce NIH support for F&A moves forward, it will make research unaffordable for many institutions and ultimately lead to less research carried out across the country", and that "the economic impact could also be significant; communities will lose jobs, and the country will fall behind as our foreign competitors forge ahead in medical research. These consequences will hurt patients, scientists, and all Americans."


June 12, 2017

COGR Letter to Mulvaney and Price Objecting to NIH and F&A Budget Cuts - read more...

Posted June 12, 2017


April 17, 2017

At OMB Request: Letter to Identify OMB Actions to Reduce Administrative Burden - read more...

Posted April 17, 2017


December 1, 2016

An Analysis of the DCA Best Practices Manual - COGR Interpretations

Click here to view the paper.


October 6, 2016


November 13, 2015


November 13, 2015: COGR submits letter to OMB with Proposed Modifications to the Utility Cost Adjustment Methodology used in F&A Rate Proposals. Click here to read the letter.


COGR Implementation and Readiness Guide for OMB Uniform Guidance is available. 


October 1, 2011

COGR Survey of F&A Rates

Contact COGR for Historical F&A Rates and Components Data Tables


May 5, 2011

Improving the F&A Rate-Setting Process with the Federal Government

Click here to view the Policy Paper. 


November 1, 2010

Federal Funding Agency Limitations on Cost Reimbursement: A Request for Consistency in the Application of Federal Guidelines

Click here to view the Policy Paper
Click here to view the Appendix


October 21, 1998

50th Anniversary COGR Publication -


January 1, 1998

Sponsored Programs Offices: A Continuing Evolution Responding to Federal Requirements

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