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February 2, 2024

University Association Comments to NIST -


February 1, 2024

COGR Submits Comments to NIST on Draft Interagency Guidance Framework for Considering the Exercise of March In Rights - read more...


December 21, 2023

COGR Joins a Multi-Association Extension Request to NIST for the RFI Regarding the Draft Interagency Guidance Framework for Considering the Exercise of March-In Rights (Docket No.: 230831-0207) - read more...


December 5, 2023

COGR Joins C4IP in Urging the Biden Administration to Oppose the Proposed WTO IP Waiver for Covid-19 Therapeutics and Diagnostics - read more...


July 5, 2023

COGR Submits Joint Association Response to OMB on Comment Request; iEdison System - read more...


May 5, 2023

COGR, AAU, and AUTM Submit Joint Association Letter on COVID-19 Diagnostics and Therapeutics: Supply, Demand, and TRIPS Agreement Flexibilities - read more...


August 2, 2022

Technology Transfer in U.S. Research Universities: Dispelling Common Myths (Updated August 2022) - read more...


July 27, 2022

COGR Submits March-In Letter to HHS Secretary Becerra on Prescription Drug Pricing - read more...


October 15, 2021

The Bayh-Dole Act: A Guide to the Law and Implementing Regulations (October 2021 Update) - read more...

Originally published in 1999, and updated October 2021:

Version 2.0 (October 2021 Update)



COGR would like to thank the Research Security & Intellectual Property Management Committee  (RSIP), and in particular, Michael Moore from Augusta University, for contributing to the update of this paper, originally published in October 1999 by the then-titled Technology Transfer and Research Ethics Committee (TTRE).



October 6, 2021

Tech Transfer Tutorial V3 -


October 6, 2021

A Tutorial on Technology Transfer in U.S. Colleges and Universities (Updated October 2021) - read more...

Released October 1, 2021


August 25, 2021

COGR Submits Joint Comments with AUTM and Bayh-Dole Coalition to DOE on Exceptional Circumstances Determination - read more...

Posted August 25, 2021


June 7, 2021

Materials Transfer in Academia: 20 Questions and Answers - read more...


April 5, 2021

Joint Association Comments on NIST NPRM Proposed Changes to Part 401 and 404 - read more...

Posted April 5, 2021

This letter provides association comments regarding changes proposed to Part 401 Rights to Inventions Made by Nonprofit Organizations and Small Business Firms Under Government Grants Contracts and Cooperative Agreements.


April 21, 2020

Proposed Pledges and Statements of Principles in Regard to IP Rights and Technology Licensing Related to COVID-19 - read more...

Posted April 21, 2020


January 24, 2020

COGR Submits Joint Association Comment Letter to NIST on iEdison RFI - read more...

Posted January 24, 2020


March 8, 2019

Joint Comments to USPTO on 2019 Revised Patent Subject Matter Eligibility Guidance - read more...

Posted March 8, 2019


January 9, 2019

Joint Association Comments on Draft ROI Green Paper - read more...

Posted January 9 ,2019


July 27, 2018

Higher Education Associations RFI Response: Federal Technology Transfer Authorities and Processes - read more...

Posted  7/27/18


March 23, 2018

University Associations Support Bi Partisan Stronger Patents Act - read more...

Posted 3/23/18


September 19, 2017

Joint Comment Letter to DoEd on Open Licensing - read more...

Posted 9/19/17


September 8, 2017

Joint Association Letter Submitted to FDA on Hatch-Waxman Amendments to the Cosmetic Act - read more...

Posted 9/8/17


July 14, 2017

COGR Submits Joint Association Letter on DOE Regulatory Reform - read more...

Posted July 14, 2017

This letter provides joint association comments on Department of Energy regulations, paperwork requirements and other regulatory obligations as part of the agency’s implementation of Executive Order 13771, “Reducing Regulation and Controlling Regulatory Costs.” 


December 9, 2016

Joint Comment Letter with AAU, AAMC, APLU & AUTM to NIST Regarding Bayh-Dole NPRM - read more...

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July 7, 2010

21 Questions About University Technology Transfer

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August 1, 2007

University-Industry Relations brochure

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March 1, 2007

COGR's Contracts and Intellectual Property Committee has finished its web-based paper on the CREATE (Cooperative Research and Technology Enhancement) Act, entitled "...A Guide for Academic Research Institutions."

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Click here to view slide presentation at AUTM conference, March 2007.


November 28, 2006

COGR comments to NIH on the proposed policy for sharing of data obtained in NIH supported or conducted Genome-Wide Association studies

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September 1, 2003

Materials Transfer in Academia

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March 1, 2000

ARCHIVED: Technology Transfer in U.S. Research Universities: Dispelling Common Myths (V.1, 2000) - ARCHIVED

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October 21, 1998

50th Anniversary COGR Publication -


April 29, 1986

The Bayh Dole Act -

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