Uniform Guidance and Agency T&C's

December 4, 2023

COGR Responds to OMB's NPRM on Guidance for Grants & Agreements "Uniform Guidance" - read more...


July 21, 2023

COGR Responds to OMB's Request to Provide Data-driven Evidence to Support Modifications to 2 CFR Chapter 2, Part 200 (2 CFR 200) of the Uniform Guidance (UG) - read more...


March 14, 2023

COGR Responds to OMB's RFI: Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200) - read more...

COGR has posted its Letter to OMB, in response to OMB’s Request for Information (RFI) – Uniform Guidance. We expect OMB to review responses from all stakeholders and publish proposed revisions to the Uniform Guidance later in 2023. Contact Krystal Toups at ktoups@cogr.edu or David Kennedy at dkennedy@cogr.edu if you have comments or questions


March 10, 2023

COGR Posts DRAFT Response to OMB (Uniform Guidance) - read more...


March 2, 2023

COGR's 2 CFR 200 "Uniform Guidance" Resource Page - read more...


February 21, 2023

COGR Requests a 30-Day Extension to Respond to OMB's RFI - read more...

COGR requested a 30-day extension to respond to OMB’s RFI regarding updates to 2 CFR Part 200, Uniform Guidance.


December 14, 2022

COGR Submits Letter to Dr. Tabak on the NIH Modular Grant Application and Award Process - read more...


November 8, 2022

Chapter 3 Part II of COGR's NIH DMS Readiness Guide: Roles and Responsibilities (Excel Download) Now Available - read more...


December 21, 2021

COGR Submits Letter to OSTP on Reducing Administrative Burden - read more...

This letter provides specific suggestions to OSTP for achieving its objective of reducing administrative burden associated with federally funded research, including suggestions regarding research security requirements.  

Posted December 21, 2021


February 6, 2017

COGR’s Response to DOD on NPRMS Implementing 2 CFR Part 200 - read more...

COGR’s response to a series of six (6) DoD NPRMs updating the DoD Grant and Agreement Regulations (DoDGARs) to implement 2 CFR part 200.


July 8, 2016

COGR Submits Letter to OMB on COI Under Uniform Guidance - read more...

Posted July 8, 2016


April 8, 2016

COGR Comments on DOI Conflict of Interest Policy - read more...

Posted April 8, 2016


February 11, 2016

COGR Seeks Clarification from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service on COI Language - read more...

Posted February 11, 2016


November 9, 2015

COGR Submits Letter to DOD on COI Requirements - read more...

Posted November 9, 2015


July 1, 2015

COGR Guide to 2 CFR 200.430 Compensation-Personal Services

Click here for the Guide.


February 20, 2015

February 20, 2015 - COGR Letter to EPA on Interim Conflict of Interest Policy - read more...

Posted February 20, 2015


December 16, 2014

COGR Readiness Document - Uniform Guidance -

Click here for the Guide. If interested in a Word version of the Guide, please contact David Kennedy.


October 21, 2014

COGR Survey and the Role of the DS-2 - read more...


November 14, 2011

COGR Proposal to the A-21 Task Force

Discontinuation of the Effort Reporting Requirement, November 2011. Click here for the proposal.


July 28, 2011

COGR Response to NIH RFI

 Input on Reduction of Cost and Burden Associated with Federal Cost Principles for Educational Institutions (OMB Circular A-21), July 2011.  Click here to view the Letter and here to view the Attachment.


January 1, 2011

Regulatory and Financial Reform of Federal Research Policy - Recommendations to the NRC

Click here to view the Recommendations.


November 1, 2010

Federal Funding Agency Limitations on Cost Reimbursement: A Request for Consistency in the Application of Federal Guidelines

Click here to view the Policy Paper
Click here to view the Appendix


June 1, 2005

Cost and Facility Issues in Conducting Stem Cell Research

Summary of June 2005 COGR Meeting Discussion