COGR's Year In Review


COGR's 2022-2023 Year In Review (Released August 4, 2023)

As we continued to move beyond the COVID pandemic this past year, the importance of fostering a healthy partnership between the federal government and research institutions has been central to COGR’s advocacy for sound, efficient, and effective regulation that safeguards research and minimizes administrative and cost burdens.

This summer, we reflected on the work of the association over this past year and the extraordinary efforts of this community in COGR’s 2022-2023 Year in Review.   The time and expertise of our Board, Committees, work groups, at-large membership and COGR staff were invaluable in shaping COGR’s advocacy efforts and continuing to strengthen and build relationships with our federal partners, particularly in addressing research security requirements; data management and sharing, analyzing the cost of compliance for institutions, dozens of formal comment letters, white papers, and other guidance documents, COGR updates, and much more. 

We look forward to the upcoming academic year and thank you for being part of the COGR community.  Your institution’s support of COGR makes the important work of the association on behalf of our 214 member institutions possible.

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