Research & Compliance Administration

COGR Submits Response to NIH on Suggestions on the Draft NIH Chief Officer for Scientific Workforce Diversity Strategic Plan for FY 2022-2026 (NOT-OD-22-061) RFI

COGR Submits Comment Letter to OSTP Concerning January 2022 Guidance for Implementing NSPM-33

Framework for Review of Individual Global Engagements in Academic Research

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COGR Submits Letter to NIH on NOT-OD-21-118 RFI Regarding Zebrafish

Posted July 26, 2021

COGR Submits Comments to NIH on Diversity & Inclusion RFI (NOT-OD-21-066)

Posted April 14, 2021

COGR Submits Letter to DEA on RIN 1117-AB53 Implementation of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018

Posted 10/21/20

COGR Releases Current and Pending Support Table (NSF)

Posted 9/22/20

COGR, AAU, APLU and AAMC Submit Letter to EPA on Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science

Posted May 18, 2020

COGR Releases Commentary on Disclosing Other Support

Posted December 5, 2019

COGR and ARIO Release "Confidentiality Issues Related to Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct"

Posted 8/29/19

Joint Association Letter to NASA on Sexual Harassment Federal Register Notice

Posted 8/16/19

COGR Submits Comments to NSF on PAPPG

Posted 7/29/19

COGR Submits Letter to FDA on Cannabis Research

Posted 7/16/19

Association Response to DoEd on Section 117 Reporting

Posted 7/12/19

HERD Survey Questions from COGR

Posted 3/21/19

COGR Sends Letter to OMB on Data Standards

Posted January 15, 2019

Joint Association Letter to OSP-NIH: RFI on Proposed Provisions for a Draft Data Management and Sharing Policy

Posted December 10, 2018

COGR, AAMC, and ARIO Submit Joint Letter to NIH on Communicating Research Misconduct to NIH, NOT-OD-19-020

Posted November 16, 2018

Joint Association Letter on Industrial Hemp

Posted November 5, 2018

COGR Submits Letter to DEA Regarding Production Quotas for Schedule I & II Controlled Substances

Posted September 20, 2018

Joint Association Letter to EPA on Proposed Rule to Limit Scientific Research

COGR, along with the AAMC, AAU and APLU submit their joint letter to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) opposing a proposed rule that seeks to limit the scientific research it will consider unless all underlying data are made publicly available. The mechanisms of competitive grant funding and peer review of publications serve to ensure the validity of science and integrity of research even when the data are not available to the public for legitimate, reasonable and ethical reasons. Restrictions related to data availability, such as the privacy of individual health information should not discount the validity of the research, or its findings, and should not prevent the EPA from using credible research in its rulemaking decisions.

If instituted, the proposal will prevent the EPA from evaluating the best available evidence when making its regulatory decisions. Because of this, the cosigning organizations urged the withdrawal of the proposed rule and invite the EPA to engage with the scientific community to discuss how evidence-based policy should be developed to protect human health and the environment.

Posted July 11, 2018

COGR Working Group Develops FAQs on Cannabis Research

Posted May 1, 2018

COGR Submits Joint Association Letter in Support of HR 5485

Posted April 19, 2018

COGR Sends Follow Up Letter to Open Science Committee Members on Public Access

Posted January 19, 2018

COGR Submits Joint Association Letter to EPA Regarding Advisory Boards & Committees

Posted November 6, 2017

Federal Public Access Requirements

Posted October 2, 2017

COGR Submits Letter to DOD Regarding Pre/Post Award Administrative Matters on Financial Assistance Awards

Posted April 5, 2017

COGR’s Response to DOD on NPRMS Implementing 2 CFR Part 200

COGR’s response to a series of six (6) DoD NPRMs updating the DoD Grant and Agreement Regulations (DoDGARs) to implement 2 CFR part 200.

COGR, AAU, APLU Submit Joint Comments to NIH RFI on Data Sharing NOT-OD-17-015

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COGR Submits Letter to DOD on Proposal Submission Deadlines

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NIH Response to COGR Concerns Regarding GCP Training Requirements

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Establishment of Multiple Principal Investigator Awards

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Letter to Department of Labor on "Defining and Delimiting the Exemptions for Executive, Administrative, Professional, Outside Sales and Computer Employees"

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Sharing and Retention of Research Data: Rights and Responsibilities

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Institute of Medicine Research Integrity Report Analysis

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COGR Develops an Animal Research Statement

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DHHS/PHS Policies on Research Misconduct Summary

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COGR Letter to OMB on Research Terms and Conditions for Grants under Federal Research and Research Related Programs

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Army Human Subjects Medical Insurance and Reimbursement

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Modifications on HIPAA Privacy Rules

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National Science Foundation Revision to Research Misconduct

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Managing Externally Funded Programs at Colleges and Universities: A Guideline to Good Management Practices

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Food and Drug Administration Clinical Misconduct Guidance

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Sponsored Programs Offices: A Continuing Evolution Responding to Federal Requirements

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Troublesome Clauses

COGR and MIT jointly are maintaining a list of government contract clauses reported to us by universities that contain restrictions on publications and participation of foreign nationals.
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