September 29, 2023

Session Materials Available: Workshop on Compliance with Research Security Requirements and the Associated Cost of Compliance Survey - read more...


On September 27, 2023, COGR is hosted a virtual, interactive workshop to provide an opportunity for members to share information on institutional efforts to comply with research security requirements and how to assess associated costs and institutional burden.  The workshop was led by COGR directors and members of COGR’s four committees.

NSTC is expected to finalize its model disclosure forms and research security program standards this autumn, and upon their issuance, COGR will initiate Phase II of its research security cost survey.  This workshop provided a forum for institutions to discuss their compliance strategies, learn about the methodology of the Phase II survey, and consider the resources they will need to implement research security programs and additional disclosure requirements.  The workshop begins with an overview of current requirements and the Phase II survey, and then participants joined break-out rooms to discuss how their institutions are addressing certification mandates, training requirements, security program structures and associated costs and administrative burden. 

Institutions that participated in the Workshop will be highly encouraged to complete the Phase II Survey.  Phase II will be initiated later this autumn, and COGR will follow-up with workshop participants at the time to determine if they will participate.  

Questions and topics of interest may be sent in advance of the session to Kristin West at kwest@cogr.edu.

Workshop materials include:

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September 6, 2023

Times Up for TikTok Webinar Materials (Slides & Recording) - read more...

At the beginning of this year, the government issued OMB Memorandum M–23–13 banning TikTok on Government Devices.  More recently, DOD, GSA, and NASA issued an interim rule amending the FAR to prohibit ByteDance Covered Application on any information technology owned or managed by the Government or on any information technology used or provided by the contractor under a contract as FAR 52.204-27.  Citing the prohibition on having or using a covered application on information technology, including certain equipment used by Federal contractors, is a national security measure to protect Government information and information and communication technology systems. This webinar provides essential information about the implications of the various federal and state requirements banning Tik Tok and ByteDance Apps for research administrators.  

Speakers for this webinar include William Ferreira, Partner, Hogan Lovells; Mary Ann Blair, Associate Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer, Carnegie Mellon University; Jennifer Rodis, Policy & Planning Analyst, Research and Sponsored Programs, University of Wisconsin-Madison; and Vivian Holmes, Executive Director, Research Administration Services, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Hosted on September 6, 2023, at 2 p.m. [ET]. 

Questions on this topic may be sent to Krystal Toups at ktoups@cogr.edu.


September 23, 2022

Overview of the NSPM-33 Standardization Disclosure Forms for the Common Biographical Sketch and Current and Pending (Other) Support 9/23 Webinar Materials - read more...

The highly anticipated Standardize Disclosure Forms were released on August 31, 2022 for public comment. Section 4(b)(vi) of NSPM-33 directs that “agencies should standardize forms for initial disclosures as well as annual updates…and should provide clear instructions to accompany these forms and to minimize any associated administrative burden”. This webinar provides an overview of the standardized disclosure forms and associated attributes highlighting key considerations for institutions.

Speakers for this webinar are Pamela Webb, Associate Vice President for Research, University of Minnesota; Jeffrey Friedland, Associate Vice President, Research Administration; University of Delaware; Craig Reynolds Assistant Vice President for Research - Sponsored Projects University of Michigan; and Krystal Toups, Director, Contracts & Grants Administration. This webinar provides information on how institutions can engage and provide comments by October 31, 2022. 


August 11, 2022

Looking at the CHIPS on the Table Webinar Materials - read more...

The CHIPS and Science Act of 2022 is expected to have a major impact on numerous facets of the U.S. science and technology landscape, including manufacturing, support of innovation, STEM education, promotion of more inclusive and diverse research and research settings, along with additional efforts aimed at increasing research security. This COGR webinar provides members which an early look at the new Act, with a particular focus on the new research security provisions, agency authorizations and potential new STEM training and research opportunities.    

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January 19, 2022

Overview of DARPA’s Countering Foreign Influence Program (CFIP) and Senior/Key Personnel Foreign Influence Risk Rubric - read more...


Overview of DARPA’s Countering Foreign Influence Program (CFIP) and Senior/Key Personnel Foreign Influence Risk Rubric DARPA officials Wes Bennett, Director, Contracts Management Office and Kevin Flaherty, Assist. Director, Policy & Oversight, Security & Intelligence Directorate will provide an overview of DARPA’s CFIP. Their presentation will include a discussion of DARPA’s recently revised risk rubric and how the rubric will be used in the grant process. The presentation will include time for questions and answers. 

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January 11, 2022

COGR Webinar: Overview of the National Science & Technology Council’s January 4, 2021 Guidance for Implementing National Security Presidential Memorandum 33 (NSPM-33)

January 11 @ 4pm ET:  Overview of the National Science & Technology Council’s January 4, 2021 Guidance for Implementing National Security Presidential Memorandum 33 (NSPM-33) This webinar will present an overview of the guidance document’s main provisions and discuss key points that institutions should consider.  Plenty of time will be afforded for an audience question and answer period, and questions may be sent to COGR in advance of the webinar. Speakers for this webinar will be: Theresa Colecchia, Senior Associate General Counsel, Johns Hopkins University;  Michael Vernick, Partner Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP; and Kris West, Director, Research Ethics & Compliance, COGR. 

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