Board and Committees

The Council's Board of Directors is composed of no more than twenty-one members with staggered terms to assure continuity and stability. The original appointment of a Board member is for a term of three years and carries the option of renewal for a second three-year term. Board members are selected on the basis of their experience in positions of responsibility at their home institutions. COGR values its Board members for their expertise and ability to speak on behalf of their institutions. In their daily activities, they may be involved in academic, business or research administration tasks.

The Board of Directors serves the membership not only by executing the corporate oversight and management of the association, but by being actively involved in the subject areas COGR deals with, i.e., finance, administration and intellectual property management. Board members are the core of the working committees; they determine the agenda of issues in which COGR gets engaged. The Board serves the membership by holding three membership meetings annually in order to advance the agenda.


The Council's activities are managed by an Executive Committee and the Board of Directors. The Council meets three times a year in open session with occasional supplementary meetings for consideration of special issues. The Council's activities are governed by its by-laws, which include provisions for annual audits and activity reports. The activities of the Council are carried out by the volunteer services of university representatives and a small, full time staff in the Washington Office headed by the President. COGR's committee structure allows it to draw on expert advice and provide products in a timely fashion.  Click here to view a detailed list of current COGR Committee issues.

COGR Board 2020-21

Name School Committee
David Norton (Board Chair) University of Florida  
Lynette Arias University of Washington Research Ethics & Compliance
Sarah Axelrod Harvard University Costing & Financial Compliance
Theresa Colecchia Johns Hopkins University Research Ethics & Compliance
Allen DiPalma University of Pittsburgh Research Security & Intellectual Property
Charles Greer University of California Riverside Contracts & Grants Administration
Stephanie Endy Brown University Contracts & Grants Administration
Jeffrey Friedland University of Delaware Contracts & Grants Administration
Jeremy Forsberg University of Texas Arlington Contracts & Grants Administration
Joseph Gindhart Washington University, St. Louis Costing & Financial Compliance
Walter Goldschmidts Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Research Compliance & Administration
Cindy Kiel Stanford University Research Security & Intellectual Property
Jennifer Lassner University of Iowa Contracts & Grants Administration
Lynn McGinley University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston Costing & Financial Compliance
David Norton University of Florida Contracts & Grants Administration
Elizabeth Peloso University of Pennsylvania Research Security & Intellectual Property
Kerry Peluso Florida State University Research Ethics & Compliance
Twila Reighley Michigan State University Contracts & Grants Administration
Naomi Schrag Columbia University Research Ethics & Compliance
Jeffrey Silber Cornell University Costing & Financial Compliance
Cathy Snyder Vanderbilt University Costing & Financial Compliance



In order to maximize the special expertise of its members, the Board of Directors has organized itself into four standing committees. These committees focus on broad subject matter areas including costing policies, research administration, and intellectual property management. In addition COGR annually invites a number of representatives from the membership at large to serve as committee members (jointly with the Board of Directors on the four standing committees). As the need arises special task forces may be formed to conduct COGR business.

Research Security and Intellectual Property (RSIP)

Elizabeth Peloso (Chair) University of Pennsylvania
Alexandra Albinak Johns Hopkins University
Allen DiPalma University of Pittsburgh
Cindy Kiel Stanford University
Michael Moore Northwestern University
Dan Nordquist Washington State University
Elizabeth Peloso University of Pennsylvania
Jennifer Ponting University of Chicago
Kenneth Porter University of Maryland
John Ritter Princeton University
Fred Reinhart University of Massachusetts
Janna Tom University of California
Kevin Wozniak Georgia Institute of Technology
Robert Hardy Director, COGR

Costing & Financial Compliance (CFC)

Joseph Gindhart (Chair) Washington University St. Louis
Sarah Axelrod Harvard University
Vivian Holmes Boston University
Cynthia Hope Georgia Institute of Technology
Michael Legrand University of California, Davis
Nate Martinez-Wayman Duke University
Lynn McGinley University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston
Gerald Mauck University of Denver
Jeffrey Silber Cornell University
Marcia Smith University of California, Los Angeles
Renotta Young Columbia University
Cathy Snyder Vanderbilt University
David Kennedy Director, COGR

Contracts & Grants Administration (CGA)

Walter Goldschmidts (Chair) Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Stephanie Gray University of Florida
Charles Greer University of California Riverside
Stephanie Endy Brown University
Jeffrey Friedland University of Delaware
Jeremy Forsberg University of Texas, Arlington
Jennifer Lassner University of Iowa
Steven Martin Indiana University 
Bruce Morgan University of California Irvine
Lisa Mosley Yale University
Twila Reighley Michigan State University
Craig Reynolds University of Michigan
Jennifer Rodis University of Wisconsin-Madison
Pamela Webb University of Minnesota
Jackie Bendall Director, COGR


Research Ethics & Compliance (REC)

Naomi Schrag (Chair) Columbia University
Lynette Arias University of Washington
Lois Brako University of Michigan
Theresa Colecchia Johns Hopkins University
Keri Godin Brown University
Grace Fisher-Adams California Institute of Technology
Karen Hartman Mayo Clinic
J.R. Haywood Michigan State University
Mary Mitchell Mass General Brigham
Kerry Peluso Florida State University
Brian Smith University of California - San Francisco
Ara Tahmassian Harvard University
Debra Thurley Pennsylvania State University
Kristin West Director, COGR