COGR's FAQs and Resources on COVID-19's Impact to Federal Awards

4-30-21:       FAQs on the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund - HEERF (Version 2.0)

4-21-21:       F&A Cost Rates and Reimbursement Pressures Under COVID-19:  Maintaining a Fair and Reliable System

1-12-21:      January 2021 Addendum to Research Impact Under COVID-19

9-28-20:      COGR Submits Multi-Association Letter to OMB Requesting Extension/Reinstatement of M-20-17 & -26

8-25-20:       Research Impact Under COVID-19: Financial Crisis and the "Pandemic Normal"

8-18-20:       NIH Specific FAQs (Updated)

8-12-20:       Costing and Financial FAQs #27 and #28 - M-20-26 Analysis (Version 4.0)

7-1-20:         Funding Sources for Research Universities

6-11-20:       Research Ramp Up Road Map: A Guide to Considerations and Resources for Ramping Up On-Campus Laboratory, Animal and Human Subjects Research as COVID-19 Restrictions are Lifted

5-28-20:       Costing and Financial Compliance FAQs (V.3)

5-27-20:        Multi-Association Request to Extend Current Flexibilities of M-20-17 through 9/30

5-27-20:        Federal Agency Matrix (ARCHIVED)

5-18-20:        Institutional Resources on Ramping Up and Reopening

5-8-20:          Furlough Programs and Implications for Financial Research Compliance (Updated)

5-8-20:          Contracts and Grants Administration FAQs (Version 1.0)

5-4-20:          Research Ethics and Compliance Human Subjects FAQ (Version 1.0)

4-8-20:          FAQs Regarding COVID-19's Impact to Federal Awards (V.2.2)

3-18-20:        Multi Association Request to OMB on Expansion of M-20-11 for Administrative Relief

3-16-20:        COGR's Notes from 3/16/20 Call with Dr. Larry Tabak and Dr. Mike Lauer (NIH)

COGR is regularly updating our web page Institutional and Agency Responses to COVID-19 and Additional Resources