Institutional Resources on Ramping Up and Reopening (ARCHIVED)


University of Alabama Birmingham Resumption of Research

Boston University Initial Guidance for Ramp-up of Research Labs​

Brown University Process for Resuming Research

UC Davis Laboratory and Research Ramp-Up

UC Berkeley COVID-19 Research Operations & Continuity Planning

UC San Diego Research Ramp Up Guidance

UC Santa Cruz Planning for the Ramp-up of UCSC Research

University of Colorado Phased Return to Research Plan

Columbia University Planning for Research Ramp Up

Cornell University Reactivating Research and Supporting Operations

University of Connecticut Research Lab Ramp-Up Preparedness Guide

University of Delaware Return to Research under COVID-19

Duke University Reopening Research Laboratories

East Carolina University Principles and Framework Guiding a Phased Approach to Restarting Research Activity

Georgia Tech Research Ramp Up Frequently Asked Questions

Harvard University Research Laboratory Re-Entry Plan

University of Houston’s Reopening Research Resources

University of Iowa's COVID-19-Related Guidance for Ramping Up Research

Kansas State University’s Framework for Restarting Research Activity on Campus

University of Massachusetts Safety Standards for Laboratories

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Research Continuity Guidance For Laboratories And Research Facilities

University of Michigan Research Re-engagement

University of Minnesota’s Report on Staged Resumption of Selected Research Operations

University of Missouri’s Research and Creative Activities Restart Plan 

New Mexico State University Return to Research and Creativity Plan

New York University Research Reconstitution Plan

Oregon State University Resuming On-Site and Field-Based Research Activities

University of Pittsburgh Research Restart

University of Rochester Reopening research labs at the University

Tufts University COVID-19: Research Ramp Up

Vanderbilt University Ramping up on-campus research activities

University of Virginia Research Ramp-up Guidance

University of Washington Mitigating Impacts to Research Activities Due to COVID-19 – Updated

Washington University at St. Louis Lab Research Ramp Up FAQs

Yale University Phase 1 Research Reactivation


UC San Diego Research Ramp Up Checklist

University of Illinois-Chicago’s checklist for the safe reopening of research laboratories

Duke University’s Return to the Workplace Plan—health and safety guidance

Michigan Tech’s Ramping Up Researcher Checklist

University of Pennsylvania Research Resumption Checklist

Yale University’s Laboratory Ramp-Up Checklist