Digging Into DPIs (Digital Persistent Identifiers) 9/23 Webinar Materials

Although Digital Persistent Identifiers (DPIs) have been in use for several years, their profile was raised when National Security Presidential Memorandum-33 called on federal research funding agencies to establish policies for funded researchers to be registered with services that provide a DPI. Although many research administrators are aware of DPIs, they may not know what defines a DPI and its wide range of uses.  This webinar provides an overview of what DPIs are and how they are used by researchers; how DPIs work (and don’t work) in tracking publications, data sets, and funding; and what the future of compliance looks when DPIs are used in SciENcv, data management and sharing, and tracking scholarly activities and funding.



Ellen Dubinsky, Scholarly Communication Librarian, University Libraries University of Arizona

Fernando Rios, Ph.D., Research Data Management Specialist, University Libraries, University of Arizona

Lori Schultz, Assistant Vice President, Research Intelligence, University of Arizona

Moderated by:  Kristin West, Director of Research Ethics & Compliance, COGR


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